At GDA Marketing our focus is on new age digital marketing. We fix your biggest issues which are driving sales by sending you leads and customers, while also optimizing your online presence.

How We Do This

We accomplish this by doing the hard thing that people do not want to do, and that’s building actually engaging campaigns. Many companies practice traditional means such as creating many posts that are ignored, focusing on TV, Radio, and Billboard ads. And putting too much emphasis on Reach/Impression based marketing. Yet they don’t even incorporate new things like emojis, videos, contrast photos, and the list goes on. We pride ourselves on delivering results in ways that your competition wish they could.


Gary, that is such an awesome video man, honestly, really nice work. Everyone here is floored by how great it came out.
The festival has never been captured quite like that, especially at night with the nocturnal light shots. We’d love to see what you can put together at other Chamber events, though the rest of them are not nearly quite as photogenic or huge as Apple Fest.
— Travis Dahlke, Marketing & Communications Manager - CT River Valley Chamber of Commerce
Travis Dahlke - Marketing Manager at  CT River Valley Chamber

Travis Dahlke - Marketing Manager at CT River Valley Chamber